Digital Photography Business – Make Part Time Income With Digital Photography

Creating a digital photography business is not that hard. If you already have the photography skills and some basic equipment, you could have a part time business up and running right away. So what types of businesses and avenues are out there for photographers? The list is quite large but here are a few of the most common businesses that involve photography.Candid Portraiture: If you love taking photos of your family, friends and pets, and get lots of compliments on them, then you have what it takes to be a “candid” portrait photographer. Candid portraits are different from studio portraits. In candid photography, you are usually shooting someone in their home or outdoors. There is no studio and generally, no studio lighting involved. Lots of weddings have one candid photographer on hand to capture the more fun and/or personal moments of the special day. Candid photography is now a growing industry and is a fairly easy digital photography business to get into.Online Stock Photography: This used to be a pretty hard digital photography business to break into, but with the internet it has become much more accessible. There are now lots of online sites where you can upload your photographs for clients to purchase and download. If you are an avid shooter and are generating 1000s of images just for fun, why not put them online and earn money from them.Photo Stock CDs: You can create your own stock photography CDs to sell. Just burn your images to CD and sell them online at eBay and other sites. You’ll want to compile your images into different categories; like flower, pets, city scapes, etc. For both types of stock photography you must be careful about including people in the photos. Unless you get photo releases from the people, they can sue you, or your purchasers, for using their image without permission. Therefore, when taking images of people make sure you can’t tell who they are: shoot people in silhouette or from the back.Art Sales and Cards: Putting beautiful, funny and whimsical photographs on note cards is always popular and lots of local coffee and gift shops look for local artists to sell note cards and artwork in their shops. You can do this without laying out a bunch of money for high quantity printing. All you need are some great images, a printer, note card printing paper, and envelopes. This little digital photography business could lead to bigger things, like getting signed to a big note card publishing company.Journalism and Magazine: Taking photographs of local events, places, and people is another great business avenue to pursue. Large newspaper have their own staff of photographers but small community newspapers and business journals are always in need of freelance photographers. And this is a great way to learn about your community, meet new people, and get into events that you would not otherwise get to attend. It is fairly easy to enter this field.